Hollister in Singapore pretty please!

Sooooo, as all Singaporeans would know, Abercrombie and Fitch recently opened in Singapore. Yeah the shirtless models caused such a huge commotion in town that even I rushed down to see the very next day, but that is for another post.

Today, I was scrolling through the Abercrombie tag in Tumblr when I was reminded of the Hollister Co. Brand. Hollister is one of A&F’s diffusion brands, and its main concept is that of the Southern Californian Beach Style. This particular style is one that I absolutely love, its again, very All-American.

Anyways, moving on, I realized that since its that of the Californian style, the shirtless models are those of Lifeguards! For Abercrombie and Fitch,the concept is my guess of boys that row crew, or attend like those Prep Colleges in the East. Who doesn’t love Lifeguards anyway? A quick google search leads to these pictures.



like hot damn.

Seriously, I want Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister to face each other so its like double the hotness. So really, if there is an A&F executive out there, please, plan for Hollister Co. to open here in Singapore. I will die if this comes true in the near future to be honest. I really want Singapore to be a more recognized place for global brands, and A&F opening here is one step to getting close to that goal.

So my Christmas Wish for the year is for Hollister Co. to be here in the near future, pretty simple one isn’t it?

And oh Merry Christmas, and kisses to you all my readers! love love you guys.


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